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Braces in Charleston

Charleston Braces

When crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth lead your smile astray, get them on the straight and narrow with Invisalign braces in Charleston, provided by your friendly, family dentist at Pleasant Smiles. If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, but want a more discrete looking appliance than wearing conventional metal braces, Invisalign is an excellent choice. Using some of the most sophisticated dental technology, it provides an excellent and more cosmetic alternative to metal braces for patients who qualify.

Braces in Charleston

Not only is Invisalign virtually invisible—hence the title—but it’s also extremely comfortable. A customized series of plastic aligners, fabricated with completely BPA-Free medical grade polyurethane resins, Invisalign aligners are designed to gradually move your teeth into their proper positions. Ingeniously, they are removeable as well, so that brushing and flossing can be performed just as before, keeping your oral hygiene—and dentist—in good standing. And not only that, but it means that you can still enjoy the foods you love, whether it’s peanut butter, or corn on the cob!

Yes, there is a great deal to be enthusiastic about when considering the pros of straightening your teeth with Invisalign braces in Charleston. And speaking of pros, if you haven’t already, feel free to browse through our website and learn more about the experienced and highly skilled Dr. Julie A. Obenchain and the range of services offered at Pleasant Smiles. With a proven track record of excellence in her field, her and her diligent, caring staff are an indispensable resource for providing Invisalign braces in Charleston and the Mt. Pleasant area. Conveniently open from Monday through Friday, they’ll work with your schedule to find the best time for you to come by. New patients and their families are always welcome. To learn more about what Invisalign can do for you, call to schedule an appointment today.

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